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Monthly awards assembly are on the last Wednesday of each month. Recognitions included awards for Good Citizenship, Reader and Writer of the month, Academic and Athletic achievements, and other important student highlights. Parents are welcome to attend the assemblies.

Each month "Terrific Kids" are selected from the classrooms and are recognized with special certificates.  A good citizen must follow the school rules and display the traits of our monthly value.  The values are:    
Courtesy        Responsibility        Trust        Fairness        Caring        Citizenship        Honesty        Respect

Terrific Kids: are chosen at the end of each month by their teacher recognizing them for their effort to be a good student and citizen.  Emphasis is put on the “value” of the month.  Students will receive a TK certificate and a Me-N-Ed's certificate.

Terrific Readers: are chosen by the teacher at the end of each month.  They are students who have shown an increased joy for reading that month.  It will not always be the student who has the most A.R. points or has read the most pages.  Students will receive a Reading Certificate.

Terrific Writers: are chosen by the teacher at the end of each month.  They are students who are demonstrating real growth in their writing skills.  Students will receive a certificate.

Terrific Mathematician: are chosen by the teacher at the end of each month. They are students who are demonstrating growth in math. Students will receive a certificate.

Honor Roll:  4th and 5th grades will determine criteria for earning Honor Roll status.
Students will receive a plaque that will have plates added each time Honor Roll is earned.
5th graders will receive 5th grade awards (President’s Awards, scholarships, and teacher awards at the end of the year).

Homework: students who have a completed homework on a regular basis for the month will have name entered in a pizza drawing.  Two names per class will be drawn for a pizza certificate from “Me ‘n Eds”.

Golden Note & Elite Jet Trophies: will be given by the music & PE departments to the one class each month that demonstrated the best participation and behavior.

Math Club:  Students passing computational skills tests become Math Club Members. They will receive a medal at the end of the school year.