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Dress Code


In response to an overwhelmingly positive parent survey in the spring of 1993, 1999 and again in December 2003, an equally supportive teacher survey, the School Site Council mandated on Sept. 22, 1994 the mandatory wearing of uniforms by all Jefferson students, beginning July 5, 1995.  The Governing Board approved this mandate on October 3, 1994.  The reasons were:


  1. Campus Security

  •  Strangers are easily identified
  •  Epensive items will not be an attraction for others
  1. School Spirit

  • Visibly evident in the community
  • Helps heighten the morale
  • Fosters a sense of belonging and a spirit of identification and pride in the school
  1. Acceptance for All Students

  • Emphasis is on “who you are,” not “what you wear.”
  • No one student is “better” because of dress.
  • Pride in the group becomes readily apparent.  Enthusiasm and efficiency are  greater in the individual when the group is uniformly dressed.
  1. Academic Priority

  • More time for teaching, less time spent preaching.  
  • Reduction in time spent for discipline.
  • Business-like atmosphere for learning; stress “books” not looks.

The basic uniform consists of:

Plain navy blue cotton/ polyester twill fabric bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts) or khaki 

Plain white, navy blue or green shirt, with collar and sleeves (polo shirt, dress shirt, turtleneck). 

Only a navy blue, white or hunter green sweater or sweatshirt (including school spirit sweatshirts) may be worn inside the classroom.  Any jacket may be worn to school.  School spirit sweatshirts should be worn only on Fridays, or when special events warrant.  Socks should match. Solid navy blue sweatshirt pants (no stripes) may be worn during the winter time only.  (Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day ONLY.)

uniform student models