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Library » Library SOAR Expectations

Library SOAR Expectations

I S.O.A.R in the Library

I am SAFE: I use materials for their intended purpose.

I Own a Positive Attitude: I am polite and patient.

I ACT RESPECTFULLY: I take care of library books and materials; I use a quiet voice.

I am RESPONSIBLE: I return my books on time and use my time wisely.

When you meet the SOAR expectations in the library. You may receive a SOAR card. Collect 5 and trade them in for an eraser; Collect 6 and trade them in for a pencil. 
Keeping the books neatly on the shelf is being Respectful and Responsible. 
Always walk from and to the Library, we always want to be Safe. 
Own a Positive Attitude and try a different book if the one you want is not available.