Jefferson Elementary

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Library SOAR Expectations

I S.O.A.R in the Library

I am SAFE: I use materials for their intended purpose.

I Own a Positive Attitude: I am polite and patient.

I ACT RESPECTFULLY: I take care of library books and materials; I use a quiet voice.

I am RESPONSIBLE: I return my books on time and use my time wisely.

Good Shelf Care
 Books are nice and straight with their spine label showing
Bad Shelf Care
  Books are on top of other books you can not see the spine label
  Books are placed in the wrong shelf ( Flowers with Dinosurs) 
  Books pushed far back into the shelf

This is How I S.O.A.R
I am respectful and make sure I put the books back in the right place facing the right way. 
I am safe when I walk from and to the Library, so i don't fall or hurt myself.
I Own a Positive Attitude and try a different book if the book I want is not available.
I am responsible and clean up when its time to go.