Jefferson Elementary

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Helpful Hints for Teachers

Flexible Open Library For Students:
  1. Turn in books right after roll call each day. When you send a student to the office with the roll sheet and lunch sheet, send another student to the library with books.
  2. You can send in 3 students at a time anytime after 8:20 am.
  3. As students finish reading a book, they should put the book in the black rolling cart witch has been provided to your classroom.
  4. Through out the day as students come to the library, they need to be sure to check the book box and bring in the books with them to the library when they come to check out books. It is easier is books are returned in this fashion. Then a pile of books won't have to be checked in at one time.
  1. Turn library permission notes in to the library daily as students return them to you. Please make sure your name and the student's last name is on the note and leave it in the library box in the staff room or send it with a student.
  2. If you are starting a special unit or want certain titles, please give the library at least a one day's notice in advanced of when you actually need the book(s).
  3. Our student computers will be available for AR tests. If your computers are not working, you can send in 3 students at a time to take tests in the library when we are open.